RapidOne CRM Professional


The demand for high performance of the sales division are continuously increasing, the market is demanding highly professional round the clock service, the flood of communications are accelerating and companies need to be more than ever in possession of a clear picture of the current and forecasted sales efforts.
The data is there, in the heads of the sales staff, scattered across e-mails, reports, spreadsheets and network drives, but the drafting of reports requires precious time, the right information is difficult to find when needed and the team does not share their knowledge effectively. Still, the last thing that your staff will welcome is yet another tool in which to log their progress.
The solution is RapidOne CRM, build on RapidOne Team technology it is a CRM that combines business intelligence with communication and sharing resources across the team. E-mails are sent and received within the solution, documents are shared by the solution, work planning is integrated into the solution, and with the implementation of RapidOne CRM your sales staff will see the number of applications to maintain decrease whilst team work flourishes and solid business intelligence is being accumulated, accessible to all who need it.

RapidOne CRM Professional is aimed at mid sized businesses with sophisticated requirements. See the feature comparison chart for details.





RapidOne Team Professional Platform

  • Work planner to plan and share planned activities, to-do items, dead-lines, expected events. Completed tasks go on to provide history trail, chain of events data and a source of reference.
  • Communicator handles both the work planning items and all communications in a single integrated environment. E-mails, call reports, tasks are visualised jointly in order to provide an instantaneous and complete picture at any time.
  • Resource sharing system handles both user specific and team shared resources, making sure that all information relevant to any user is always available in the same place: on his desktop.
  • A single unified storage space for emails, documents and work planning items structured as the “real world” is structured: a relational structure consisting of customers, contacts, products, opportunities, bids etc.

CRM Professional Objects

  • Relations: containing organisation details, product groups of interest, classifications, statistics (turnover, employees, demand and their tendencies), competitor analysis
  • Product catalogue: organised per product family, includes a configurable database of product characteristics for fast search and selection, customised and full-custom products, multiple price-book and currency handling and shipping conditions.
  • Bids: handles single item, multiple items, custom products, fixed price, price brackets, cumulative pricing, line discounts, bid discounts, multiple currencies and price-books.
  • Opportunity management: customer expectations, volume estimates, single or recurring supply opportunities, multiple bids against opportunity and competitor bid analysis.
  • Price-books: validity period, non-negotiable prices, fixed price, price matrixes, delivery conditions and currencies.
  • Product Territory management: for use with product managers define overlapping or exclusive territories with automatic or manual assignment using product group, product family and other classification parameters.
  • All RapidOne Team Professional objects.


  • Seamless on-line/off-line transition with background synchronisation
  • Automatic backup, maintenance free servers
  • Multi-language (English, Dutch, Italian and Arabic, several major EU languages will follow)
  • Object and record level security
  • Granular user permissions



  • 360° customer view
  • Hands on management
  • Drive sales teams
  • Consistent support
  • Instant overview
  • Spot competitive threats
  • Increase success rate
  • Improve productivity



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