Training Courses

Rapsyx offers training courses on-site at the user organisation in order to facilitate the implementation and to enhance the user’s skill to take full advantage of RapidOne’s features. Rapsyx is committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive training and education to ensure that our clients receive the greatest value from their investment.

The courses are conducted by Rapsyx staff members and can be configured in agreement with the user organisation. Each training class utilizes a hands-on approach; following are some typical courses available.


Pilot Workshop

In a conference room setting up to 20 participants gain hands-on guided experience of RapidOne, its various modules and the concepts upon which the solution is based. The workshop is ideal for all intended users, including customer service managers, sales executives, project managers, project staff and marketing managers.

Refresh Course

Following the introduction of RapidOne, this course is designed to deepen the understanding of the solution and of the possibilities it offers. We recommend taking this course once within 3 weeks and once 3 months after introduction.



For questions and inquiries regarding training classes please contact sales.